The Secret to Getting the Results You Want

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful.

When faced with a challenge, we usually think it is something outside of ourselves (not enough time, money, energy, talent, etc.) standing in the way of our success.

The secret to getting the results you want starts with your thinking.


You are 100% in control of your THOUGHTS so you are 100% in control of your ACTIONS and therefore you create your RESULTS.

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions can either propel you forward or hold you back.

For example, when you believe you are powerful, creative, and capable, you might feel calm and confident. As a result, you are more likely to challenge and stretch yourself.

If you believe you are limited and powerless to change, you might feel worried, angry, or afraid. As a result, you stay stuck in your comfort zone.

You get to CHOOSE your thoughts.

When you change the way you think, you’ll take the steps you need to take, and these actions will lead to the results you want to achieve.



Notice and observe your thoughts without judgment.

Get curious about the stories you tell yourself.
Simply ask yourself, “Does this thought serve me?”.

When you are more AWARE and CURIOUS about your thoughts and feelings, you can CHOOSE the thoughts that serve you best at that moment instead of letting old habitual thoughts and behaviors continue to run your life.


Everything is energy. It’s our most valuable and personal resource.

You can think of energy as your source of personal power: how you show up, your mindset, or how you respond to situations in your life.


Anabolic energy is constructive, healing, and growth-oriented.

It helps move you forward to achieve positive, long-term, successful results.

When you show up with anabolic energy you usually experience situations with confidence, curiosity, and acceptance.

Catabolic energy is draining and resisting. It feels heavy.

It is distracting and acts as a blinder where you see only a limited view of the situation.

When you show up with catabolic energy you usually experience situations with fear, uncertainty, frustration, and conflict (internal or external).

Both energies are valuable and serve a purpose. They both have advantages and disadvantages.

How we experience situations is dependent on the lenses or perspectives through which we see them.


We look at our world and experience situations through 7 different energetic lenses that form our perspective.

Everyone has a mix of these seven energies. You bounce up and down through the different energy levels all day long. The higher the energy level, the more potential power you are using.

Learning to use your energy to work for you instead of against you will result in increased performance, happiness, and success.

LEVEL 1 – VICTIM – “I Lose
Catabolic – accesses 10% of your potential
Feeling lost or stuck. Lack of choice. Have to. Fear
When you experience this level you may…

  • Feel lost or stuck
  • Focus on problems; work in crisis mode
  • Feel a lack of self-confidence or avoid taking action

Common thoughts: I can’t do this; why bother; no one appreciates what I do anyway; I can never catch a break

LEVEL 2 – FIGHTER – “You Lose
Catabolic – accesses 30% of your potential
Anger. Frustration. Resisting or Fighting energy
When you experience this level you may…

  • Feel annoyed, frustrated, or disappointed
  • Focus on problems; blame others or circumstances
  • Take things personally, micromanage, control, or manipulate

Common thoughts: If I want something done right, I have to do it myself; it’s not my fault; do it my way or the highway

LEVEL 3 – RATIONALIZER – “I win; if you win too, that’s great
Anabolic – accesses 60% of your potential
Rationalizing. Fine. Coping
When you experience this level you may…

  • Take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Try to see the good in people and situations
  • Rationalize, tolerate, or make excuses for yourself and others

Common thoughts: Let’s see if we can figure out a way to make this work; it’s good enough; it’s fine

LEVEL 4 – CAREGIVER – “You win
Anabolic – accesses 70% of your potential
Care. Compassion. Love. Service to Others
When you experience this level you may…

  • Feel compassion and care for others
  • Be in service of others: giving, supporting, and helping
  • Take little personally; ability to see things more objectively
  • Common thoughts: what can I do for you; I’ll do it; don’t worry about me; how can I help you?

LEVEL 5 – OPPORTUNIST – “We all win
Anabolic – accesses 80% of your potential
Sees Opportunities. Win-win. Solution-focused.
When you experience this level you may…

  • See everything as an opportunity
  • Accept differences rather than try to fix or change
  • Feel calm, powerful, confident, and entrepreneurial-minded

Common thoughts: What’s the opportunity here?; Where do we want to go from here?; What can I learn from this experience?

LEVEL 6 – VISIONARY – “We always win
Anabolic – accesses 90% of your potential
Intuition. Oneness
When you experience this level you may…

  • Be fully in your zone of genius; a state of flow
  • Access your creative juices and feel your intuition come alive

LEVEL 7 – CREATOR – “Winning and losing are illusions
Anabolic – accesses 100% of your potential
Absolute Passion. Creative Genius. Visionary
When you experience this level you may…

  • Feel completely accepting, open-minded, and joyful
  • Have unconditional love and fearlessness
  • Use other energy levels at will
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This article contains my interpretation of the copyrighted work of Bruce D Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

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