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Let Me Tell You How I Stepped Into My Second Act

For several years, I felt a gentle nudge in my heart urging me to do something different with my career. I mostly enjoyed my work and I was successful at my job but I always wondered what it would be like to truly LOVE my work.

I longed to make a change, but I kept getting stuck trying to figure out all of the details. How do I find a new career path? How do I transition into a new career or industry without jeopardizing my finances and everything else I’ve worked so hard to build?

I felt confused and lost on where to start. For far too long, I remained paralyzed in a whirlwind of self-doubt, worry, and what-ifs swirling around my mind instead of taking steps toward finding my career bliss.

Then one day…I finally decided to stop procrastinating and stop settling for “good enough”.

I started following the clues that were there all along, I just couldn’t see them clearly. I discovered connections between my interests, values, and life/work experiences. I explored possible career options and studied the results from different personality and career assessments. All signs were pointing me to pursue career coaching.

I enrolled in a rigorous coaching program and I earned my coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, an ICF accredited program and the golden standard of coaching. At the time, I didn’t know where getting my coaching certification would lead, but that wasn’t a concern because I was boldly stepping closer to finding my calling.

None of us knows where our road is going to ultimately lead, but we can follow the clues and the paths that can take us closer to realizing our dreams.

Becoming a certified career and leadership coach was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I finally discovered the missing piece I had been searching for all those years!

Learning to master my mindset through hours of studying, self-discovery, and viewing my circumstances with a fresh perspective has profoundly impacted my life. I feel my confidence growing with each new action step I take as my worries, doubts, and fears slowly fade into the background. I’ve learned how to quiet the loud negative voice of my inner critic. I’ve learned how to let go of perfection and the need to know all the answers before taking action.

Now, I partner with other high-achieving women leaders over 40 who have reached a career crossroads and who are ready for something more. I show them how they can apply the same powerful strategies and methods I used so they can confidently create a brand new chapter in their life that brings them more happiness, success, and fulfillment.

What Sets Me Apart?

I have an extensive background in human resources and Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) certification, which equips me with behind-the-scenes insight into the hiring process to help you land your dream job faster.

My holistic approach is designed to help discover the true authentic YOU and help to create a life and career you’ve always wanted. Unlike other career coaching programs, my program is so much more than polishing your resume and learning effective networking techniques. I coach the WHOLE person.

I achieved my Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the best ICF-accredited institutions in the world.

I am also a certified Energy Leadership Master Practioner (ELI-MP), which helps my clients understand how stress and energy patterns directly impact their ability to take action and get results.

My Style

Authentic – Strategic – Intuitive – Supportive – Transformational – Results Oriented

I am living proof that it is possible and it’s never too late to reinvent your career. It would be an honor to show you the way. Take the first step toward finding your second-act dream career. Get started with a free strategy session below.

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