4 Essential Steps to a New Career You Love (after 40)

What do you see when you think about your job in the next 5, 10, or 15 years?  

Are you spending your valuable time and energy feeling engaged, productive, and loving your work?  

Or, are you stuck in a job that no longer suits you, leaving you feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, and drained at the end of your day? 

Are you counting the days until you can retire?

Many women over 40 I talk with feel stagnant, bored, and unsatisfied in their careers. They want to do something more with their work and careers.

They long for a career that would make them happier, more fulfilled, and more alive. 

But instead of taking steps toward a new career trajectory, they get stuck trying to figure it “all out,” or they worry about making a wrong choice, looking foolish, or failing. 

Feeling overwhelmed and confused about where to begin, most women give up on their dreams of pursuing a new career before they’ve even started. 

They continue down the same well-worn road even though they feel flat, discouraged, and miserable.

Your story doesn’t have to end this way. Imagine what it would be like to create a new and fulfilling chapter in your career and life where you are:

  • Confident to pursue and land your dream job doing the work you were meant for.
  • Excited and motivated to jump out of bed each morning, ready to start your day.
  • Engaged in work and activities you enjoy, aligned with your interests, values, and priorities.
  • Living life on your terms with happiness and success overflowing into other areas of your life.

A successful career pivot required a resilient mental focus, determination, and a solid strategy.

Working with a trusted coaching partner will give you the direction, strategy, accountability, and motivation to get beyond thinking about making a change to actually making progress toward achieving your career change goals.


Using my personalized 1:1 coaching approach, I help ambitious women over 40 who are ready for a new career direction pursue their ideal career by following a clear step-by-step strategy that gets results. 

This program is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s custom-designed for your needs, challenges, and the results you want to achieve in your career and life.

What Makes the Second Act Career Strategy DIFFERENT from the rest?

Unlike other career coaching programs, my program is more than polishing your resume and learning effective networking techniques. I coach the WHOLE person.

Working through my proven 4-step framework, you’ll have:

  • A clear strategy broken down into achievable mini-steps to identify your best-fit career options, confidently make decisions, and transition successfully into a new career path.

  • Peace of mind knowing what you want to be when you grow up and knowing you’re on the right path leading you towards a lifetime of success and happiness.

  • Expert advice and guidance from an experienced coach and HR professional with behind-the-scenes knowledge to help you navigate easily through the hiring process and avoid common pitfalls. 

Step 1 – Discover the REAL You!


This step is crucial to your future career happiness. 

In this first step, you’ll deeply understand WHO you are and WHERE you want to be.  You’ll be armed with valuable information to help discover career options best suited to your abilities, personality, and interests. 

You’ll learn what’s exactly getting in your way of the happiness and success you want, how to make better decisions aligned with what’s most important to you, and what you really want in your career and life. 

We’ll assess your thoughts, behaviors, and habits. Where do you excel? What areas do you want to strengthen (self-leadership, self-compassion, communication, boundaries, etc.)? What do you need to let go of that doesn’t benefit you?

The process is similar to reorganizing your closet. You take everything out, take a good look, and then decide what you love and want to keep, what pieces you want to keep but build upon, and what you want to let go of completely.

Don’t skip this step. 

Most career changers skip this vital step. Instead, they dive right into updating their resumes, aimlessly applying to job postings, and wonder why they’re not getting the desired results. 

The time and effort you invest earlier in your career change journey will pay off considerably. You’ll save valuable time knowing what to do next when you have a clear plan and operate from a strong mindset.

Step 2 – Your Ideal Career Success Formula


We’ll take the valuable information gathered in Step 1 to create your Ideal Career Success Formula. What essential elements must your work have that will make you blissfully happy and fulfilled? What are your non-negotiables?

It’s important to know what you want and what you are no longer willing to settle for. Your Ideal Career Success Formula is your roadmap to quickly weed out careers that don’t meet your success criteria so you can focus on finding the options best suited to your values, strengths, and priorities. 

During this process, you’ll evaluate and rank possible career options against your Ideal Career Success Formula. You’ll determine how closely they match your ideal career and whether it merits further exploration.

Step 3  – Explore Career Possibilities


In this step, we’ll take your top career choices for a test drive. You’ll gather essential information to choose the best career path based on research and actual data.

Through this process, you’ll learn the benefits and downsides of the careers you’re considering and test assumptions to make informed decisions about the next steps.

The data you collect during your mini-experiments will help you validate if the chosen path further piques your interest or doesn’t quite hit the mark. 

Step 4 – Plan Your Pivot


In the final step, we’ll map out and execute your career transition strategy, including a financial bridge plan to help you smoothly transition into your best-fit career so you can flourish and thrive. 

You’ll work 1:1 with a professional resume and LinkedIn profile writer to ensure your resume and profile effectively highlight your transferable skills, best strengths, and accomplishments relevant to your new career path.

After completing this step, you’ll…

  • Have a done-for-you, professional, compelling, and ATS-friendly resume to help you stand out from other candidates. 
  • Learn effective job search, interview, and salary negotiation strategies.
  • Land a job you love with the compensation you deserve.

Thousands of women over 40 are successfully reinventing their careers, resulting in increased satisfaction and improved well-being.

A study from the American Institute of Economic Research (AIER) reports 82% of people age 47 and older who transitioned to new careers in the last two years were successful. A whopping 97% showed increased job satisfaction, and 65% felt less stress at work.

If they can reinvent their careers after 40, so can you!

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